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Sleep Disorders and Treatment

Dr. Lonnie Smith is now Board Certified in Sleep Medicine ABOTO!

Snoring and Sleep Disorders
An estimated 15 percent of the population suffers from some type of sleep disorder, such as snoring, insomnia or restlessness, to name a few. Sometimes, a sleep problem leaves a person feeling tired and drowsy, unable to function well during the day. Dr. Smith focuses on sleep apnea and the management of this potentially life-threatening disorder. Additionally, Dr. Smith offers surgical techniques to reduce or potentially eliminate snoring. The interruption of deep, restorative sleep may lead to minor problems such as daytime sleepiness or life-threatening conditions, such as heart and lung disease.
Sleep is valuable to everyone, and if you are having a hard time falling or staying asleep, or you have strange sleep patterns, then we can assist you and offer techniques to reduce and potentially eliminate sleep disorders. Dr. Smith is a sleep doctor serving Tulare, Visalia, Hanford, Lemoore, Porterville and the surrounding Tulare/Kings Counties. He can diagnose your condition and treat it.
What Is Apnea and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS)?
Apnea is a Greek-derived root that means "without breath.” Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep.
There are two basic types of sleep apnea:
  • Central sleep apnea
  • Obstructive sleep apnea

Central sleep apnea occurs when the brain fails to initiate breathing.

Obstructive sleep apnea, which is more common, occurs when airflow is blocked from the upper airway (nose, mouth or throat). During this blockage, one becomes deprived of oxygen for seconds to minutes.

The interruption of deep, restorative sleep may lead to minor problems such as daytime sleepiness or life-threatening conditions such as heart and lung disease.

What Are the Treatments for Snoring and OSA?

Dr. Smith will utilize three types of measures to manage patients with OSA:

  • Behavior modification such as sleeping on your side, reducing your weight, developing better sleeping habits and avoiding sedatives and alcohol at night
  • Breathing machines such as CPAP and BiPAP keep your breathing pathway open
  • Surgical interventions – surgical solutions for snoring and sleep apnea
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